What Happens After Calling for an Air Conditioning Repair in Oklahoma City?

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Air Conditioners

The home cooling system has not been working properly lately, and the homeowner has an appointment for an Air Conditioning Repair in Oklahoma City set for tomorrow morning. Between now and then, there are several things that need to be done. Here are some examples of how to prepare for that service call.

Check the Area Around the Unit

Take a walk outside and see how things look around the air conditioning unit. The goal is to see if there is enough room for the service technician to get to the system with ease and move all the way around it without being crowded. If the shrubs used to hide the unit from view are a little too bushy, grab the clippers and cut them back. Rest assured the professional will appreciate having more elbow room to get the job done.

Find Something for the Kids and Pets to Do

During the course of the service call, the professional will need to be in and out of the house a few times. Children and pets will naturally be curious about the activity. For this reason, see what can be done to keep them occupied while the work is in progress. Perhaps a neighbor wouldn’t mind allowing the family dog the use of a fenced-in back yard. It might be possible to have the kids tag along and keep the pet amused. Remember to do something nice for that neighbor before the week is out.

Protecting the Carpeting

Since the professional will be in and out during the service call, make life easier for everyone by putting a protective covering over the carpets. Those old painting drop cloths in the attic will work nicely. Spread them near each entrance, and use them to create a path to vents and the thermostat controls. Doing so will mean the technician does not have to worry about tracking dirt onto the clean carpet, and the homeowner can haul the clothes to the back yard and give them a good shaking once the Air Conditioning Repair in Oklahoma City is completed.

For anyone who thinks the air conditioner is not working properly, visit website and schedule a service call as soon as possible. Once the technician is on the scene and determines what is causing the problem, it will not take long to have the unit working properly once again.

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