The Diverse Functions of Heat Pumps in Fort Wayne IN

by | May 17, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The systems in a building that balance temperatures in the air are appreciated in extreme conditions. A disadvantage to the convenience is higher utility bills when standard heating and cooling appliances are involved. Heat Pumps Fort Wayne IN puts the owner in control of power utilization. Heat pumps have a two in one function that heats and cools the air. What it does is transport heat to the desired location. That would be outdoors when the home needs to be cooled, and brings the heat into the warm indoor air. A small amount of electricity is used to transport heat. There is no fuel burning involved. Milder climates can use heat pumps as a single source for indoor temperature control. A furnace is completely unnecessary.

Heat Pumps Fort Wayne IN saves a notable sum on energy bills each month. On an annual basis, the savings are sizeable. One of the best heat pump models are air-source pumps. It has a refrigerant system similar to a kitchen refrigerator. It consists of refrigerant coils, a reversing valve and compressor. Heat is present in the air outside, even in extreme cold temperatures. The pump system extracts the heat outdoors and brings it in to heat a home. It has the opposite effect when indoor air needs cooling. A bonus feature so many are thankful for is heat pumps act as dehumidifiers to control moisture in the air.

Water heaters consume a good percentage of energy. Old water heaters are probably draining more energy out of a home than modern systems would. At Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning, water heating systems that consume less energy are available for installation. Service specialists assess the design of homes to make the best selection for system types. Things to consider are family size and how often hot water is used. It is best to find a model that does the job and uses energy efficiently to do so. Systems that only heat water on demand are among the most efficient. On demand water heating systems don’t generate standby loss, or heated water that goes unused. Contact a local heating and cooling business to compare models.

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