The Fan Setting With Central Air Conditioning Systems in Rehoboth Beach DE Helps People Save Energy

by | Sep 20, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

During excessively warm weather, people with residential central air conditioning systems in Rehoboth Beach, DE find relief with their climate control equipment. They set their thermostats to a certain temperature and enjoy the cool air coming from the vents. Thermostats have an additional setting that leaves many people wondering about its usefulness. That’s the setting for running the fan without the air conditioning. When does it make sense to use this feature?

Running this fan moves air through the vents and provides the sense of a breeze in the various rooms. That has a similar effect as a floor fan does, keeping people in the house feeling cooler than they would otherwise when temperatures reach a certain level. With the whole-house fan on, the thermostat might be kept at 78 or even 80 degrees instead of 76 and everyone will still feel comfortable. It’s cheaper to run the fan than to run the central air, making this a smart choice.

As with floor and ceiling fans, there’s no point in running this feature when nobody is home. It does not actually keep the house cooler, but the air circulation makes people feel cooler. In addition, it’s not cost-effective to keep the fan going all the time. Although it costs less in electricity than air conditioning does, it still requires a significant amount of wattage to run. Technicians from a company such as 5 Star Plumbing Heating and Cooling can install a thermostat with circulation control if the home does not already have one. Then the home’s residents can decide how many minutes per hour the fan should run and program the device accordingly.

Another consideration is that the fan tends to become less effective when the exterior temperature is exceptionally hot. Ducts that are close to the walls become very warm, and so does the air inside them. That leaves the fan moving this excessively warm air into the house. The situation is worsened when the sun beats onto the walls where the ducts are situated. At a certain temperature, using central air conditioning systems in Rehoboth Beach, DE becomes a more reasonable option.

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