What is Considered an Air Conditioning in Warminster, PA, Emergency?

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Air Conditioning

When the heat goes up outside, most people rely on their air conditioning in Warminster, PA, to keep them cool and comfortable inside. However, what happens if the system is acting up and not producing cool air like it should? While some homeowners know it is time to call someone, they may not know when they have an emergency situation that requires immediate service. Some signs that a true AC emergency is present can be found here.

Strange Sounds

There are many reasons why an air conditioning in Warminster, PA, may be making strange noises. One issue may be that the fan belt has become loose. Regular maintenance to the system can help prevent this issue from happening; however, sometimes homeowners forget about maintenance appointments. Another reason that the AC may be making a shrieking or loud noise is if the compressor is operating at a high-pressure level, which can be extremely unsafe. If the noise seems to be excessive, then the AC needs to be shut off right away and call the air conditioner repair professionals.

Strange Smells

If there is a burning odor coming out of the AC system, it is typically indicative of some type of electrical complication, or that the unit has become overheated. If there is a burning smell, then it is definitely a sign that emergency AC repair is needed.

No Air Flow

If the unit is not kicking on, or there is no air flowing, it could be a sign that the cooling system has completely failed. The issue may be a thermostat that is not calibrated properly or an issue with the blower. Either one of these scenarios may point out the need to replace the AC. If there is no air coming out of the AC, or the air that is coming out is too hot, then it is time to call for professional help.

No one wants to face an AC emergency; however, they occur quite often. The best way to prevent them is by investing in regular service and maintenance for the unit. Homeowners who have more questions about what is considered a true AC emergency can visit the website.

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