The Importance of Routine Maintenance for Heating and Cooling in Lancaster

by | Jan 20, 2023 | HVAC

An important action for keeping the furnace and central air conditioner in optimal condition is scheduling annual maintenance with one of the Lancaster heating and cooling services. A skilled technician cleans, inspects, and makes any necessary adjustments to the equipment.

Maintenance Timing

Ideally, residential property owners schedule an appointment for the central air maintenance in spring and a second for the furnace in autumn. However, it’s acceptable to schedule both types of work to be completed during one appointment with Lancaster heating and cooling services. Furnaces in this region tend to get more of a workout than air conditioners do, so most homeowners have the project completed in the fall.

Air Filter Replacement

During the other months of the year, households can keep their heating and cooling systems free of debris and working at peak energy efficiency simply by changing the air filter as directed. A clogged filter decreases efficiency and results in higher utility bills. This also forces the equipment to work harder, thus shortening its lifespan.

Even if the instructions advise only replacing the filter every three months, checking it monthly is a good idea. If the device did happen to get excessively dirty for some reason, someone could change it sooner. Keeping a supply on hand ensures that this quick task won’t ever be delayed.

Larger Filters

Another option is to have a heating and cooling contractor install a compartment for a larger pleated filter that is only replaced once each year. The service technician can replace it during the annual maintenance appointment. Contact Crowther Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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