Three Dangers of DIY HVAC Repair

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The increased emphasis on DIY home improvement has empowered many to try new things and learn new skills, but it remains an important principle that some work should simply be left to the professionals. Working on your heating and cooling unit is certainly one of these things. When your unit needs repairs, it is imperative to call an HVAC contractor in Fayetteville. The following three risks are just a few of the reasons attempting a DIY repair is a bad idea.

High Voltage Electricity

Many people underestimate the risk associated with working on an HVAC system. This, unfortunately, can be a deadly mistake. HVAC systems contain extremely high voltage electricity, and touching the wrong wire can have disastrous effects. The only person who should be handling the interior of an HVAC unit is an HVAC contractor in Fayetteville who is trained and certified to perform the task at hand.

Dangerous Chemicals

In addition to high voltage, you will encounter dangerous chemicals if you attempt DIY repairs on an HVAC system. Refrigerant, specifically, is a common cause of problems in heating and cooling systems, and it is also a highly dangerous chemical. It can be deadly if mishandled in any way, so the only safe way to have repairs done is to call an HVAC contractor in Fayetteville.

HVAC Systems Are Complex

Perhaps the most obvious of all reasons to call a professional HVAC specialist is the fact that the average homeowner simply does not have the expertise to perform effective repairs on a heating or cooling unit. Unlike some other systems around the house, it is not something that can be demystified with a few minutes of research. Incorrectly attempting repair can worsen the problem and even make it so that a professional is unable to fix it. You can avoid this in the first place by simply calling a contractor. Browse the website to get more information and schedule a service call.

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