Tips for Preventing the Need for HVAC Repairs in Fort Worth TX

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

A survey of Texas residents provides insight into how households generally use their air conditioning. The residents were asked about the temperatures they set when they are home and plan to leave for many hours. Being more moderate about running the central air can help households keep their electric costs lower, prevent breakdowns from overuse, and avoid having to replace the unit sooner than would otherwise be the case. For HVAC Repairs Fort Worth TX heating and cooling technicians provide reliable service.

Temperature While Home

Nearly 90 percent of residents responding to the survey keep the thermostat set between 70 and 80 when they are home. The rest keep it below 70. Those households can expect their electric bills to be significantly higher than people who keep the temperature at a more reasonable level. They also are more likely to need repair work done because they are forcing the system to work especially hard, particularly on very hot days. When it comes to HVAC Repairs Fort Worth TX contractors help area residents stay comfortable.

Temperature While Away

Another question asked whether the household raises the temperature before leaving for the day or the weekend. Only about half do this, even though consumer experts and energy advisers strongly recommend setting the thermostat higher. A certain percentage shut the air conditioner off altogether, but that can result in the home getting far too warm. When the interior temperature reaches 88 or 90, the air conditioner must work much harder to bring it back down 15 degrees compared with setting the thermostat at 82 before leaving.

Getting Answers to Questions

Heating and cooling technicians from a company such as Williams Home Maintenance, Inc. can answer any questions that customers have about the best ways to run their central air conditioner and heating system. They can provide tips on saving energy and preventing breakdowns. They know details about air filters and other products. The questions might be asked during the annual maintenance appointment; the customers might make a list of things they would like to know about before that day arrives. Click Here to learn about this particular company.

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