What a Rush – How to Stop and Fix a Leaking Pipe in Birmingham

by | Dec 12, 2022 | HVAC Contractor

When you discover a leaking pipe, you can stop it as a homeowner if you learn how to identify the culprit.

Culprit One – An Alternative Threat

In most cases, when you find a puddle of water on the floor by an appliance, a leaky pipe may not be causing the leak. The leak could be coming from a poor seal. When plumbing is installed, a plumber places seals in key locations. In time, these seals will weaken, and water will seep through.

There are a few types of seals in the world of plumbing. Here’s what you should look for during an inspection:

  • A weak gasket
  • A broken washer
  • A missing washer
  • Cracked caulk

Culprit Two – The Pipe Has a Clog

A clog can make a pipe leak in time. The leak results from pressure, which builds up from the blockage. A normal clog could eventually damage a pipe if enough pressure builds up in the pipeline.

To prevent clogs, always monitor what is put in the drain. If you’re in doubt, use preventative products like a drain cleaner or a hair trap.

Culprit Three – The Pipe is Corroded

Brass pipes and galvanized pipes will corrode. When this happens, water will seep through the gaps. Brass pipes can last for over 50 years, and galvanized pipes have a 20-year lifespan.

Plumbers to the Rescue in Birmingham

If you need help fixing a leaking pipe in Birmingham, contact Wilbur’s Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing today.

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