Will Air Duct Cleaning Improve Efficiency of HVAC System

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Many HVAC companies provide a maintenance service of air duct cleaning, with a promise of better system efficiency and cleaner air. However, are these results really delivered from this cleaning? There is no actual evidence supporting it prevents any health issues or by doing do makes the HVAC system any more efficient. There is evidence, however, when checking air ducts, specific problems can be identified that can lead homeowners to take specific steps for their HVAC system to continue running efficiently.

Air Duct Cleaning Can Help Many Issues

When considering air duct cleaning near St Louis, many homeowners have concerns of large obstructions or significant amounts of accumulated dust. Easier the ability is for air to flow through air ducts, easier air is delivered through the system to living spaces. If air ducts have any type of major blockage creating a hampering of air flow there will be higher energy costs noticed after a period of time.

Some signs to look out for to determine if it is time for air duct cleaning include:

Obstruction of Dust: If it is noticed that the HVAC ductwork has developed a substantial amount of dust and debris, this might be a sign for the homeowner to consider air duct cleaning.

Infestation of Mold: When a moldy or musty smell is noticed coming from the HVAC system, the homeowner may want a technician come and do an inspection of their ducts. Development of mold is caused from trapped moisture and may be extremely damaging overall to the HVAC system. Signs of mold need to be treated seriously.

Rodent Droppings or Insect Bodies: If rodent droppings or insect bodies are noticed in air ducts, this is a sign they need to be cleaned. Bi-products from these materials will likely circulate in the air of the home of where they are found. This is also a sign that most likely, there are rodents living in the air ducts or insects have nested.

If air ducts have a significant amount of dust and debris clogging them, there possibly are other issues that may be affecting efficiently of the system. For example, the air filter may be clogged heavily making the system work harder.

Having major obstruction moved during duct cleaning, and addressing any other underlying issues can help an HVAC system deliver desired comfort.

Steps to keep HVAC system running at maximum efficiency:

  • Regularly change furnace filter.

  • Be sure thermostat is working properly and with fresh batteries when needed.

  • Have HVAC tune-up scheduled on a regular basis.

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