AC Conditioning Cleaning in Lakeland FL Can Save Homeowners A Lot Of Grief And Expense

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Oftentimes, a lot of big problems can be avoided simply by attending to small maintenance tasks. The most common of these is cleaning the central air system. Before allowing a unit to degrade in performance and ultimately fail through lack of proper care, a few minutes spent cleaning can spare a huge repair bill down the line.

The component which is in greatest need of cleaning is usually the main compressor unit. It stands outside all year, exposed to the elements. It’s rained on, snowed on, has dust blown into it, or sucked in during the compressor’s operation. Over time, this results in the buildup of dirt on the compressor coils and the radiator unit. The reason why this can be serious is because compressor coils need to be exposed to the open air to function properly in performing the heat transfer. The more particulate dirt which builds up on the coils and radiator, the more it acts like an insulating blanket which traps the heat within the exchanger coils. And the longer this condition persists, and the more dirt crusts onto the coils, the more the efficiency of the air conditioner degrades until it cannot do its job at all.

Simple AC cleaning can be performed by the homeowner if he or she feels handy enough to do the job. There are step-by-step guides for cleaning procedures. But cleaning the compressor unit involves disconnecting the wiring from the mains, and a lot of people would rather not fool around with the electrical connections to the unit. In such case, it’s best to call in professionals especially if the unit hasn’t been cleaned in years and the homeowner isn’t certain of being able to handle the task at hand. Professional AC cleaning in Lakeland, FL is provided as part of regular AC maintenance services. And in point of fact, if a homeowner is already calling out technicians to examine the system as part of a seasonal check, it only makes sense to include a thorough cleaning as part of the call.

Springer Brothers Air Conditioning provides service for AC cleaning in Lakeland, FL along with their other services. Incorporating a cleaning as part of the maintenance call will add on a relatively small charge to the bill. But it will potentially save the homeowner a few hundred dollars through the summer and a bigger repair expense that might otherwise not be necessary.

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