When to Call a Commercial Heating Contractor

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Knowing the right time to call a Commercial Heating Contractor isn’t always easy, but there is one easy rule of thumb: Call before the freezing cold winter weather hits. It’s never a good idea to wait until the cold weather has actually arrived to find out whether the commercial heater is up to the task of keeping a whole building warm all winter. Ideally, commercial building owners should do a test run during the fall months, well before the temperatures start their decline.

With the heater running, listen for any odd noises. It is normal for a commercial heater to make some level of noise, but it will usually be quite unobtrusive with today’s modern heaters. Any clanging, groaning, mechanical grinding, or hissing noise is cause for alarm. This means it is time to phone the Commercial Heating Contractor so they can resolve the issue before it gets cold.

Another important sign to watch out for is odors when the heater is turned on. Forced air heaters often produce musty or burning smells when there is a problem. There are any number of reasons for this odor, and some of them can be fixed quite easily if the problem is identified early enough. When the smell if obvious, take action immediately by calling in the heating contractor.

If there is a boiler, keep an eye out for water leaks. There should be no water dripping around the boiler at all. If there are puddles or pools of water forming, it qualifies as an emergency and requires help from an HVAC expert. A new boiler is usually required in this case, as leaking is a common distress sign in older models. Visit the website for more information.

Air flow should also be closely monitored during the test run of the heating system. Look for consistent air flow from the vents in every room of the building. Low air flow may just be an indicator that the vents need to be cleaned, but it can also indicate other more serious issues. When in need of a Commercial Heating Contractor, consider one of the top local options, Inter County Mechanical Corp.

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