Most Area Residents Feel That Air Conditioning in Reno Is a Necessity

What did people ever do before the prevalence of Air Conditioning in Reno? For one thing, the population was dramatically smaller there and in other warm parts of Nevada. The heat is worse to the south in Las Vegas, but average July and August high temperatures are still in the 90s. Area residents may tout the advantages of “dry heat” compared with the muggy humidity in the southeast, but those temperatures are still pretty hot.

Benefits of Central Air

Central Air Conditioning in Reno, when used reasonably, is beneficial for people’s physical health and mental well-being. Simply being comfortable in climate control keeps people from feeling irritable and fatigued. Studies have found that they concentrate better when the temperature isn’t higher than 78 degrees, and they sleep much better too.

A Reasonable Temperature

When speaking of being reasonable, keeping the thermostat at a setting in the mid-to-high 70s is ideal. Otherwise, the icebox-like temperature in the house makes it increasingly difficult to adjust when going outside, even when the exterior temperature is just in the 80s. In addition, the lower the setting, the more electricity is used.

Comparisons With Europe

When it seems like 78 degrees is just too much, a person might consider the continent of Europe, where people use air conditioning sparingly. In the United States, nearly 90 percent of homes have central air or a window air conditioner. In European countries, the percentage is dramatically lower. In Italy for instance, only about 34 percent of homes have any air conditioning, even though the summers are quite hot. In France, the prevalence is much lower, at around 5 percent.

A Necessity

Residents of Nevada and most other American states tend to think of air conditioning as a necessity in the 21st Century. The higher percentages of residents without central air tend to live in places where hot weather is an anomaly, such as coastal Washington and Oregon states, and the far northeast. Upgrading from a window unit to central air, installed by a company like Paschall Plumbing & HVAC, keeps the entire house cool and comfortable on the hottest days. Visit Website for details.

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