Beat the Summer Heat With Quality Air Conditioning Repair in Colorado Springs

The AC is probably one of the most important appliances in the home, especially when summer rolls around and the heat index begins to climb. Unfortunately, these expensive appliances can fail, and the best way to avoid the need for replacement is with superior Air Conditioning Repair in Colorado Springs. For instance, if the air coming from the system is not as cool as it used to be, then the AC may need to be serviced, and the refrigerant charged.

The AC uses a chemical refrigerant to collect heat and a condensing unit to compress this refrigerant. This implies that the system holds a lot of pressure, but there are also times when those pressures change, and this process causes stress. Experienced AC contractors such as Parkey’s Heating & Air Conditioning know that the appliance needs to be checked and repaired so that these internal pressures do not cause any problems.

An air conditioner can be very complex because it needs to compress the refrigerant to force a state change. Changing state allows the chemical to collect heat so it can be transported outdoors. Heat is collected through the evaporator coil located inside the air handler. The absorption of heat chills the metal of the coil, and this is what allows the appliance to cool the building. It also causes a problem because the differences in temperatures create condensation that can mix with any dust or dirt inside the appliance and block the coil. Removing the coil and cleaning it in an acid bath is an important Air Conditioning Repair in Colorado Springs because it prevents the coil from freezing. Plus, a clean coil allows for better airflow.

Many AC repairs are expensive, and the best way to reduce the need for them is to keep the appliance properly maintained. Most manufacturers recommend that the unit is serviced at least once each year, although, every six months may be a better option for heavily used systems. Service is a matter of testing the appliance for possible issues such as faulty switches or sensors and cleaning the air handler to prevent the buildup of dirt. Dirt can cause a lot of problems because it allows heat to build up around critical electronics and cause those components to fail. To learn more about air conditioning repair, browse the website here.

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