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by | Sep 21, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Air conditioners stop working for a variety of reasons, and not all are expensive to fix. The problem may be as simple as loose wiring that causes a power failure or a clogged filter impeding airflow. However, when a failed compressor causes a system breakdown, major AC service is required. The compressor is a vital component, and replacement can come at substantial cost. Thankfully, almost 80% of compressor failures are preventable if underlying problems are detected and solved with regular preventive maintenance from J & S AIR INC.

The Compressor: What is It?

An AC compressor is considered the engine, or heart, of the system. This analogy is appropriate for several reasons.

  *       The system cannot function without it

  *       It is typically reliable and, if it fails prematurely, there’s likely a preventable underlying cause

  *       They are sometimes impossible to repair and always costly to replace

  *       The compressor’s purpose is to pump compressed refrigerant through the system to remove heat from the indoor air

Now that it’s understood why the compressor is so important read on to learn what can cause the part to fail and how J & S AIR INC can help customers avoid these issues.

Potential Causes of Failure

When an HVAC compressor fails, it is usually due to a problem that puts stress on the system. By finding and fixing the problem, a homeowner can prevent compressor failure. However, if the compressor is replaced without finding and resolving the underlying problem, the new part will likely fail. Potential failure causes include:

  *        Dirty coils. When grime and dust build up on condenser coils, the unit cannot expel heat, and it runs constantly, causing the compressor to eventually fail.

  *        Blocked lines. When refrigerant lines become damaged, the homeowner may notice that the AC isn’t cooling as well as it should. Failure to resolve the problem can cause an eventual breakdown.
Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Compressor Malfunction

When a homeowner takes good care of the HVAC compressor, it will provide reliable, consistent cooling. The unit should be serviced twice per year by a licensed local service provider such as, and customers should choose technicians certified by NATE or MSCA. That way, the customer will be assured that the tech has the knowledge to prevent and detect problems that may cause compressor failure.

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