Enjoy a Comfortable Business or Working Environment Using a Reliable Commercial HVAC Contractor in Austin, TX

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

There are numerous concerns a business owner has to deal on a daily basis, and the comfort system should not be one of them. However, every appliance ages and will eventually break down. When this happens, it is time to consult a qualified Commercial HVAC Contractor in Austin TX so the employees, customers, or important perishable products do not suffer. HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are split appliances, and commercial models tend to have several components. For instance, large buildings may have two or more condenser units mounted on the roof. Sometimes, these components will be placed on slabs beside the building to reduce the possibility of damage to certain types of roofing.

The type of comfort system determines indoor cooling components. For example, the split or ductless system places multiple blowers throughout the building. Due to restrictions on condenser load, there may also be multiple condensers installed outside. This type of appliance has advantages because each of the blowers can be individually controlled. The use of multiple distribution points allows the user to reduce energy usage in areas that need less heating or cooling. Another advantage is the ability to reverse the flow of refrigerant so the system can heat the building instead of cooling it. In effect, each of the internal coils turns into a condensing coil and the external coils become the evaporator coils. This makes for a nice, all-in-one appliance that does not require a fuel such as natural gas.

Not matter which type of comfort appliance the business uses, it will require the services of a Commercial HVAC Contractor in Austin TX for routine maintenance. This task should be performed at least annually, although some systems will need more frequent care. Routine maintenance should cover vital aspects of the system such as the refrigerant level and the testing of electrical components. Refrigerant is a critical aspect of cooling appliances that serves two functions. The first and most obvious is collecting heat and chilling the evaporator coil. The second is lubricating the condenser. Without the lubrication the refrigerant carries, the condenser would quickly burn out.

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