Evaluating The Cost Of Atlanta Air Conditioning Replacement

Replacing an air conditioner is an upgrade to a home, but it is also not a low-cost option. Making the decision to upgrade to a new air conditioner or to continue to repair the existing system should be based on a variety of factors that will be unique to your home, the age and condition of your current AC and other factors.

Age and Condition of the System

Air conditioners in Atlanta get a lot of work over the spring, summer and into the autumn months. In most homes, an air conditioner will last at least a decade, and many will last up to two decades before they will begin to reach the end of their life cycle.

Of course, replacement of parts will become a factor with age and use, but with routine maintenance, this can be a relatively low-cost solution to keep the current system. When the cost of repairs or the potential pending repairs are close to the cost of air conditioner replacement, a new unit may be the most cost-effective option.


An air conditioner that is one or two decades old will not be an energy efficient or as effective in cooling your home as a new model. This should be a factor in considering an air conditioner replacement, particularly if the cost of operating the system continues to increase over each summer.

To help reduce the cost of summer cooling in the Atlanta area, it may be a very wise decision to consider an air conditioner replacement with an upgrade to zone control or smart control system. This allows you to have greater control in cooling only the areas of the home that are in use.

Talking to your HVAC service provider will help in comparing the cost of a repair as compared to a replacement. Additionally, the technician can also talk to you about duct systems evaluation and cleaning, which may be an important add-on service to consider.

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