Three Problems Requiring Air Conditioning Inspections in Winter Haven, FL

If your home isn’t being properly cooled by your air conditioner, then an inspection should be done to assess any possible problems. However, sometimes there are multiple causes for a problem, which can make it more difficult to troubleshoot. Here are three air conditioner issues which can have more than one cause.

Lack of Air from Vents

There can be several reasons for not getting any cool air from the air conditioner vents, including the following:

* Tripped circuit breaker
* Bad switch
* Bad circuit board
* Faulty thermostat
* Full condenser pump reservoir

If there isn’t any air flowing from the vents, a company that does air conditioning inspections in Winter Haven, FL will be needed to inspect and find the problem so that they can repair it.

System Not Running

If the air conditioner isn’t running at all, you need to call a company that specializes in air conditioner repairs to do air conditioning inspections and find the problem. It could be the result of any of the following issues:

* Frozen compressor
* Bad compressor
* Burnt wiring
* Bad capacitor

To find out the exact cause behind why your air conditioning system is not running, a technician from a company like Affordable Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. needs to troubleshoot the system to find the problem. Once they do, they can fix it so that it works again.

Doesn’t Shut Off

An air conditioner should shut off when the set temperature is reached. If it doesn’t, then something is wrong and an air conditioner repair will be needed. This problem may stem from one of the following issues:

* Bad thermostat
* Lack of refrigerant
* Faulty relay switch

A trained technician will be able to quickly find the problem and fix it so that the air conditioner runs again.

If your air conditioner has broken down, a company that does air conditioning inspections can quickly locate and repair the problem so that the system can cool your house once more.

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