Signs It May Be Time for New Heating And Air Conditioning Unit Installation in Cranberry, PA

by | May 31, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Summer is tightening its grip on the nation after a long, frigid winter. Of course, cold weather still lurks right around the corner awaiting its chance to regain the throne. Being prepared for the changing seasons means being sure your heating and air conditioning are in optimum condition before extreme temperatures take hold. While these home essentials are designed to last for quite some time, they don’t hold out forever. Be on the lookout for certain telltale signs its time for new Heating And Air Conditioning Unit Installation in Cranberry PA.

It’s Ten Years Old

Heating and cooling systems lose a percentage of their efficiency each year. By the time they reach their tenth year in service, they usually cost more to operate than they’re worth. On top of that, replacement parts are fairly hard to come by once they reach that age. If your unit is ten years old or more, it’s probably best to replace it. In the event you’re not sure how old the unit is, consider cross-referencing its serial number against an online database or having a professional inspect it.

Unusual Noises

Squealing, rattling and deafening roars are all signs your heater or air conditioner may need some in-depth maintenance. Having to turn up the television when the system kicks on isn’t unusual, but anything out of the ordinary should be heeded. If it’s creating a great deal more commotion than it once did, it’s probably trying to tell you something. This might just be an indication it’s time to look into heating and air conditioning unit installation in Cranberry PA.

Rising Heating and Cooling Costs

If a unit isn’t operating at peak efficiency, it’ll take more energy to keep a home’s interior temperatures at comfortable levels. This means the cost of operation will creep ever higher over time. Prices of electricity and heating fuel are on the rise, so this issue may be difficult to detect at first. Still, if you’re seeing an unexplained uptick in your monthly power or heating fuel costs, the unit itself may be the culprit.

All these issues could mean your old heating or air conditioning unit is ready for the scrap yard. In most cases, the savings on operating and repair costs more than recoup the price of the new unit over time. Visit us website to learn more about the new units available or to schedule an inspection of your existing unit.

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