Steps For Improving Your Heating And Air Conditioning In Fountain, CO

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In Colorado, HVAC contractors complete steps on their maintenance checklist each year. The services are performed between seasons to prevent sudden service disruptions. The checklist covers common issues that arise while the systems are operational. A local contractor follows the steps to improve heating and air conditioning in Fountain CO for all property owners.

Test the Thermostat

A contractor starts an inspection with the thermostat. The device controls interior temperatures and engages the systems as needed. The contractor determines if the thermostat reads the interior temperatures correctly. The area around the thermostat is evaluated for drafts that affect the temperature readings. Faulty thermostats are replaced promptly to prevent high energy costs.

Evaluate the Ductwork

Over time, ductwork separates and leads to unwanted leaks. The conditions affect how air is distributed through the property. Any joints that are separated require resealing. Any sections of the ductwork that are corroded are replaced. The ductwork is cleaned at least once a year to prevent the distribution of toxins and pathogens.

Clean Furnace Combustion Chambers Thoroughly

Dust and soot accumulate inside the combustion chamber. By cleaning the chamber, toxins won’t spread throughout the home. When cleaning the chamber, contractors test gas lines and evaluate electrical connections. All fire and electrical safety regulations must be met.

Check Components for Proper Lubrication

The contractor reviews all components for proper lubrication. Without adequate lubrication, the systems won’t operate correctly. Overall the energy consumption increases and the parts begin to fail at a faster rate. Lubrication is applied where required to prevent these outcomes.

Unclog the Condensation Drain

Contractors test the condensation drain for clogs and remedy them quickly. The condensation drain collects water and moisture. It moves the water and moisture away from the unit. A clogged drain creates the right conditions for mold development. Mold is toxic and causes serious respiratory conditions.

In Colorado, HVAC contractors assist property owners with careful maintenance steps. The tasks help heating and cooling systems operate more effectively. The services reduce possible breakdowns and keep the home comfortable. Property owners who need more information about the steps to improve their Heating And Air Conditioning in Fountain CO are encouraged to contact Smith Plumbing & Heating right now.

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