Evaluate Your Home’s Needs When Shopping for Air Conditioning in Edmond, OK

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Most Edmond area homeowners are quick to admit they view having air conditioning as a necessity rather than a luxury. When it’s time to replace an existing AC unit, they will contact an expert that provides air conditioning in Edmond, OK. However, property owners don’t always understand why AC experts don’t want to simply replace an existing unit without properly evaluating the home’s AC needs.

Size Matters

When discussing the options for replacing an old AC unit, size matters in a couple of ways. First, the size of a home is important. In the past, too many AC contractors only carried one or two sizes of AC systems and made them work for every application. Today’s AC providers understand the size of a unit will determine how well the home is cooled and how much maintaining that comfort level will cost.

The size of the home itself is also critical. While the square footage is a factor, ceiling heights, the number of doors and windows, and even the amount of insulation installed also impact the type and size of AC system recommended. If an addition has been constructed since the original AC system was installed, it may well be necessary to move up to a larger system.

Discussing Costs

Since there are several options available when replacing an AC system, it’s important to discuss the various price points with the contractor before making any decisions. Air Conditioning in Edmond, OK costs will vary according to the type and quality of system selected. Most installers today will encourage homeowners to opt for better-quality systems even though those systems tend to cost more upfront than some options.

There are a couple of advantages of choosing to pay a little more initially for that new AC unit. First, better systems tend to last longer and require fewer repairs over the system’s life. Next, and maybe more important to the majority of property owners, the operating costs of better units are almost always lower. Those reasons suggest that paying a little more initially actually saves money over the life of the system.

If you’re considering upgrading an older AC system, it’s easy to get more information at our website Contact information is available that makes it easy to schedule an evaluation of a home’s AC needs. To make sure you’re comfortable this summer, contact the experts for help today.

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