Steps For Residential Air Conditioning Installation In Claremont, CA

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

In California, air conditioning is an urgent necessity for all homeowners. When the system fails, the homeowner must act quickly and replace it. Professional installation teams follow specific steps and ensure high quality. A local service provider offers Residential Air Conditioning Installation in Claremont CA for homeowners now.

Choosing a Location for the Unit

The first step is choosing the right location for the indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit must be positioned away from piping. The selected area must provide adequate circulation for the unit. The installation team won’t place the unit close to any entry points. This prevents inaccurate temperature readings due to sudden drafts. The property owner must refrain from placing any furniture or similar fixtures in front of the indoor unit.

The exterior unit must be placed in a shaded portion of the property. Excessive exposure to the sun could increase the operating time for the unit. This could present the homeowner with higher costs. The installation team installs the exterior unit away from areas in which excessive rainwater won’t flow from the roofing. In most cases, the fan inside the unit is set up to flow toward the property.

Modifying the Copper Pipes

The installation team bends the copper piping. They create indentations that measure one millimeter. They start at one end of the piping and work their way to the other side. All piping is wrapped with waterproof tape to add protection against the elements. This ensures the integrity of the piping.

Installing Water Drainage Piping

The team inserts water drain piping into the unit to ensure that water runs away from the unit. It is positioned at a downward angle. This ensures that the water runs out and away from the property. This can lower the chances of condensation inside the unit and prevent unwanted developments such as mold or mildew.

Connecting the Pipes

The installation team attaches the pipes to the unit’s brass cones. They tighten the connection to ensure that it is secure but not over tightened. In the last step, they test the system for refrigerant leaks.

In California, homeowners install new air conditioning units when their system fails. The new installations are guaranteed and covered under warranty.

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