Three Signs That May Indicate The Need For Commercial AC Repair In Davenport FL

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

A commercial HVAC system has a big job, as it must keep the interior of an expansive structure comfortable despite the external environment. Though some commercial equipment is designed to operate in the same manner as a residential setup, some may work differently and pose several challenges when a need for repairs arises. Fortunately, a company that offers commercial AC repair in Davenport FL has the tools and experience to diagnose the most common problems and will create a maintenance plan that corrects them once and for all.

Lack of Cold Air

When an AC system activates, it uses a compressor to cool a liquid that that then cools the air running through the system. If the compressor malfunctions or if the coolant level is too low, the air coming from the ducts in the building will not be cooled. A licensed technician will have the tools to diagnose the cause of the issue and will source the correct parts to restore operation of the equipment as quickly as possible.

Inconsistent Internal Temperature

The various thermostats in a commercial building monitor the temperature of the air continually and then signal the central air handling and compressor units when a change is detected. If the temperature throughout a space is inconsistent, it may be-be due to a variety of problems. Let a company that offers commercial AC repair in Davenport FL determine if it is a mechanical issue or an issue with one of the thermostat control modules.

Excessive Condensation

When an air conditioner runs, it will produce condensation, which is usually channeled outside via a water line or a reservoir and pump system. If it creates an abundance of moisture, it may be the first signs of a severe issue lying in the wait. Failing to have the issue addressed may lead to a mechanical failure or structural water damage.

When problems with an HVAC system arise, it is critical to take action right away. The team at Charles M. Watts Air Conditioning Inc. has more 30 years of experience and provides service and installation on both commercial and residential equipment. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a repair appointment without delay.

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