When You Need Repairs for Your AC Services in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Plumbing

One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner during the middle of the summer is to have the air conditioning unit fail. Depending on the location, a home can heat up pretty quickly without air conditioning and make it extremely miserable for those inside the home. An HVAC contractor provides plumbing and AC Services in Pittsburgh PA for customers in the area or nearby. Here are some repairs that customers frequently may call for regarding their air conditioning services.

Common Repairs for Air Conditioning Services

Refrigerant leaks occur commonly with air conditioning units, especially when the unit reaches a certain age, and a contractor will need to come out to find out why the refrigerant is leaking. Customers also call an HVAC contractor when the air compressor locks up or doesn’t work anymore, as it may need to be replaced. Another issue that customers have with their air conditioning units is the thermostat, which may simply need to be replaced if it can’t be adjusted. Sometimes when the air conditioning unit fails, a customer might reset the breakers if they have tripped.

More Repairs for Air Conditioners

The filters on the air conditioners need to be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals or they will cause the air conditioning unit to malfunction. Air conditioning units are designed to last 15 to 25 years, and if they have reached that age, it may be time to replace the entire unit. Properly maintaining the air conditioning unit will extend the life of the unit and keep the customer from having to spend extra money that could be used for other things. Calling a contractor to regularly service the unit may prevent an emergency call for repairs.

An HVAC Contractor for Air Conditioning Services

Customers who want HVAC contractors for air conditioning units in their area will find several contractors in their area. South Side Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. is an HVAC contractor that provides services to customers. If a customer needs repairs for AC Services in Pittsburgh PA, the contractor is available. More information can be found on the website, . You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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