Why Homeowners Should Call a Heating Service for a New Unit

Although the days are quite warm, winter can get downright chilly. When December comes, no one wants to be stuck with an old, worn-out heater. Thankfully, a local Heating Service is here to help customers decide which type of heating system is best for their needs. Below, homeowners will find out how to tell if they need a new heating unit.

If the System is More Than 15 Years Old

Heating and cooling systems last approximately 15 years, even when they’re well-maintained. An old, outdated system simply isn’t as efficient as a modern one with an AFUE rating of more than 90%. This means that over 90% of the fuel being burned is turned into heated air for the home.

If It’s Driving Up Utility Bills

If the family’s heating bill is steadily increasing each year, it may be simply because the system is worn out. With proper maintenance, bills should stay almost the same. However, if utility and repair costs are rising, it may make good financial sense to invest in a new unit.

If It’s Making Too Much Noise

Loud banging, screeching, and rattling noises are all sure signs that the system is in need of Heating Service. When the system keeps the family awake during the night, it may be time to call the pros and schedule a replacement.

Which System is Right for the Home?

Once a customer decides that a new unit is a way to go, there are still decisions to be made. Choosing the right unit is a crucial step, and it’s important to consult a professional who can provide expert advice. There are two types of heating systems:

  • Forced air units use ductwork to move heated air throughout the home. These include electric and gas furnaces as well as heat pumps. Forced air setups are very common, and they’re appropriate for most homes.
  • Radiant heating units radiate heat directly into objects. This is typically accomplished with coils that heat floors and walls or with hydronic tubes that circulate hot water. Boilers are often found in colder climates.

When winter rolls around, it’s important to have a functional, dependable heating unit. Visit company to learn more or to schedule a pre-winter tune-up. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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