4 Air Conditioning Myths For Atlanta Homes

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Air Conditioners

There is a lot of misinformation online and in the general public about air conditioning. In cities like Atlanta where summer heat can be unbearable, understanding how these myths may cost you money and harm your air conditioner is important.

Fast Cooling is Energy Efficient

Many people believe turning off the air conditioner when they are out of the home and then turning it on again for fast cooling when they get home is efficient and saves money.

This often stems from the belief of turning the air conditioner to an extremely cold setting will cool the home faster, resulting in less energy use. In fact, allowing the air conditioner to maintain a constant temperature is the most energy efficient and easier on the system.

Fans Are as Efficient As Air Conditioning Systems

Fans only move the air. They do not provide any cooling of the air. Blowing warm air through the home or the room does not change the overall temperature. The cooling sensation on the skin is just evaporation, which means no overall temperature change.

Changing Filters More Than Once a Year Is a Waste

In Atlanta, several factors will impact how often to change your air filter. In most homes, it will be every two to three months during the warm weather. Talk to your HVAC technician and find out the ideal schedule for filter changes for your air conditioning system.

Vents Can Be Adjusted For Better Cooling

Zone control is possible and very efficient with new models of air conditioning systems, but simply shutting off vents in a room will not boost the efficiency of a system. Shutting off vents can create problems with the performance of the system and may also result in damp and musty smells in these areas of the home.

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